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Our Armagnacs & Liquors

At Cassagnoles, the Armagnac is a mix of terroir, a family and a lot of passion. All our Armagnacs come from the Tenarèze, so you will really notice, and appreciate, the fruitiness. For centuries, the Armagnac has been the traditional product of the Cassagnoles vineyard and each year we distill some of our wines into Armagnac.

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Cassagnoles vintage

A charming dark gold color, candied yellows fruits aromas, sweet and fruity on the palate . Well balanced.
Can be served slighlty chilled as an aperitif or digestif

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Blanche d’Armagnac

Rich, elegant, with complex pear and plum aromas, and floral background. This product combines power with a rounded finish. Best when you serve our Blanche chilled as an aperitif or as the base for cocktails.

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XO Armagnac

Our XO Armagnac has a warm amber color, soft fruity and floral aromas. Mellow, balanced and harmonius on the palate,
It has an elegant finish of floral notes.

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20 years old Armagnac

Our oldest Armagnac. Harmony, roundness, softness and balance : the mature age of this product gives a real aromatic intensity dominated by oak notes at the finish.

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12 years old Armagnac

The value choice in our range. The TENAREZE’s taste is characterised by his beautifully developed fruit. The aging process means this is less « lively » and more soft and sweet, with a great balance between the woody and the fruity aromas, which contribute to the overall harmony of the flavour.

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5 years old Armagnac

It is our youngest Armagnac, but not the least interesting. A little bit strong but the subtle wood aromas complement the fruity finish, so notable in our Blanche d’Armagnac.

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Cassagnoles Orange

Aperitif or digestif depending on your choice, Refreshing with fruity and spicy aromas. Enjoy chilled with ice, or in a cocktail