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Our commitments

We respect our environment, care for the people who work in our vineyards and respect our neighbours. It is important to us to look after our soil and our vineyards.

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« Vigneron Independant »

30 years ago, we joined the group of « Vigneron indépendant » (independent winegrower).

The commitments of a « Vigneron Independant » are :

  • he respects his soil,
  • he works his wineyard properly,
  • he harvests his own grapes,
  • he makes his wine and matures it
  • he creates his eau-de-vie,
  • he bottles his production in his cellar,
  • he sells and markets his products,
  • He develops his skills according to tradition,
  • He welcomes visitors, advises on tastings and enjoys presenting his work and his culture.
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Excellence Gers

This is the symbol of the best in the Gers.
In 1998, The « Excellence Gers » association, was set up based on an original and unique approach in France, based on 4 ideas. Each « Excellence Gers » member is committed to sharing the best of the Gers, mainly:

  • the Best Quality,
  • the Best Traceability,
  • the Best for the Environment,
  • the Best Friendliness.

The credibility of this approach is measured by the specifications of «Accueil et Environnement » identified by the association.
So, each estate is checked by the Association (external and internal controls made by an independent bodies), and this verification process assures our customers of highest level of adherence to the 4 commitments.

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H.V.E : Haute valeur environnementale

This is a voluntary qualification, based on 4 environment themes :

  • protection of biodiversity,
  • strategy to control plant diseases,
  • management of fertilisation,
  • management of water resources.

The outcome of this for us results in different solutions :

  • Maximum reduction of chemical treaments, according to the weather conditions or the appearance of disease
  • Good product choices : non-C.M.R. products (not carcinogenic, not mutagenic, and notreprotoxic), the use of bio-control products…
  • Choosing specific machinery for spraying which permit a very targeted treatment (leaf or grape) thus lowering the dosage level by 30-40%
  • Products for the production of our wines that come from vegetable sources or are allergen
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